Welcome to Hansen

It is all about people. For good things to happen, people need to meet. Our task is to create and run some of these meetings. A task worthy of the deepest respect. Hansen's real superpower is the people. Our knowledge, experience and commitment.

And when people meet - anything can happen!


From large-scale to smaller and tailor-made.

We create meetings that strengthen relationships, messages and brands. Events that inspire, tell a story and bring your audience closer together. And we are good at it!

What we do

We bring magic to life!

Whether you want to promote something, bring clients and colleagues together or throw a fabulous party, we will come up with the perfect concept, place and setup. Tailored entirely to your needs and wishes. We have been doing so since 1989. Down to the smallest details!

How we work

Let the magic begin!

Get in touch today – we want to hear your thoughts and needs. Let’s get creative together.