Passion – Since 1989

Many things we associate with the '80s; think bodies, legwarmers and cut-off sweatshirts, brings out mixed emotions. Bono-inspired mullets that scream out "Business in front, party in the back!". The birth of bread machines, heated nuclear power debates, mile-wide shoulder pads and an upsurge in mail order shopping.

A lot has changed since then. The shocking pink and mint green '80s gave rise to many trends and legends. Many disappeared, some came back – and a few never went away. Born in 1989, Hansen has grown into one of the leading actors within the meeting industry with a long, unsurpassed history of developing, managing and producing events. Today, we have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Växjö with a team of 50 employees.

Our key word is Passion. Passion is what motivates us to make a difference and create events that exceed expectations. Something we’ve proudly worn on our sleeve since 1989 – a trend that never goes out of style.