We Create Beyond

Hansen is an event agency with Passion as keyword. Passion is what motivates us to make a difference and create events that exceed expectations. We succeed by creating Wow, Winners and Worldwide.

We Create Wow

All events tell a story. Experiences that touches and affects, inspire and connect brands and people.

We help you create an event with a strong impact. By making your message and brand an integrated part of the experience, we turn the event into a show where audience becomes main characters through identification to your brand and story. A story to be shared and kept alive by your best brand ambassadors.

We Create Winners

The work behind a successful event is far more than a conceptual idea. With our knowledge about details (that are seldom just details), the minutely planning needed to secure a seamless event, you can create the strong brand experiences that builds winning organizations.

Since 1989, we have been making things happen. Our long experience has taught us many things: how all parts of an event are equally important and how to create an experience that exceeds expectations. How to design efficient logistics for optimal results, and which solutions and project processes are needed to achieve this. Last but not least; we are convinced that the key to memorable experiences is the ability to turn ideas into reality.

We Create Worldwide

Creating an event abroad means more than travelling in time and space. Authentic settings that open senses and strengthens your message can start a journey that continues long after returning home.

Not only are we one of the largest actors in Sweden: the whole world is our playing field. Our global network comes from long experience and extensive expertise in organizing events worldwide. We have built up a global network that enables us to organize quality-assured events in over 80 countries. This gives us invaluable local knowledge, used when creating tailormade brand experiences with messages communicated in front of unique backdrops.